A New Blog

Hi Guys! 

I know it’s been a long time. I had never intended for this blog to become primarily fitness related but that’s the focus it took and I’m so happy it did! I’ve learned so much from you all and have gotten so much support from this amazing community. I want to keep this blog as a fitness blog. I don’t want to clog your dashes with what color I want to paint the nursery or my bazillion hours of research on things like strollers, crib bumpers, and travel cots. It’s just that right now that’s where my time and energy are focused. I really miss blogging so I’ve decided to start a new one to talk about those things and more.

I’m going to keep this blog though, because in just a few short months I will be back on the weight loss train. I don’t want to share my weight loss journey with absolutely everyone. I always found it so much easier to be completely honest within the fitblr community than it was with my friends on facebook. 

I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant(!) and my due date is January 14th. You can bet that when the doc gives me the okay to get back at it, I’ll be back here with full force. Until then, please feel free to follow me at my new “real life” blog, abalancedlove.tumblr.com



Great post Courtney! So happy for this girl, she’s one of the sweetest out there :)


Oh how things have changed!

In the last 3 months my confidence has been higher than it has ever been! I feel like I have mentally become a whole new person. I love myself for who I truly am! Heck I go out now and talk to any guy I want and I don’t care. I had 2 guys want to come home with me last…


Happy Birthday Moxie!!!

Happy Birthday Moxie!!!

The Golf Chronicles: Baby worries

At one of the very first golf tournaments I ever went to I walked around with a wife who doesn’t get to travel very much. She has one school aged child and she was walking around with her two month old. It was early March so it was still very early in the golf season. She told me her husband had seen their baby girl one week out of her two months because he needed to play as many tournaments as he could. 

A few weeks later I read an article about an Australian golfer who had returned to US to play golf two weeks after his baby had been born. He had to come back because he needed to make a certain amount of extra money in order to play again the next year. Not sure when he got to go home again. 

I know that this pales in comparison to all of our wonderful military men and women who leave their babies for much longer periods. I know this is nothing in comparison to the men who don’t get to meet their babies until they are a year old because they are out fighting a war. 

And yet, this is still my life, so it’s something that concerns me. In fact after walking around with that wife I spent a long time trying to decide if this was something I could live with. It was one of the many things about this lifestyle that I wasn’t thrilled about committing myself to. In the end love won out against any of the many arguments I was having with myself. 

I am very fortunate that I will be able to travel with my hubs so that he doesn’t have to miss out on everything. However, I won’t be traveling for at least the first two months. I want to make sure the baby gets all the shots before I subject him or her to the germs of airports and planes. Not to mention, the thought of actually traveling with the baby scares me unbelievably!

A little back story on how we got pregnant. I went off the pill in April thinking that it would take at least a few months to get pregnant. I had thought long and hard about what this would do for the golf schedule and figured the timing would be perfect. Well, with many things in life, you can’t plan it. I didn’t have one period after I went off the period. I peed on the stick and when I saw pregnant pop up I was thrilled. And then I thought about it. Then I looked at the golf schedule. Then I had a cry when I realized that the baby would be born right at the beginning of the season. 

Our baby is due the week of the first golf tournament. The first tournament is in Hawaii. This is very far away from Virginia Beach. I am lucky that Marc doesn’t want to chance missing the birth so he will be missing this tournament, but that doesn’t come without a certain amount of guilt. I’ve spoken about it before, but in golf if you don’t make a certain amount of money you don’t keep your job for the next year. Asking him to miss tournaments when we can’t even be sure that the baby will come right then is a bit scary to do. After the Hawaii tournament comes the west coast swing. Once again its a bit scary. He’ll have to play them. What if the baby is late and he’s not able to get back in time? What if he misses this most important moment? There’s no way to know. 

There’s also the timing of going back to Australia. Normally we go together in the winter. I will be too far along to travel. He’ll be leaving me for 4-5 weeks when I’m 7 months pregnant. Who’s going to clean the litter box for me?! I know, this is a trivial worry but it’s there. I also  know I’m also going to miss him like crazy and I’m not sure how this hormonal mess I’ve become is going to handle the distance for that long. But it’s his only time to go home and I would never ask him not to. 

Well, this post is getting pretty long and I hope I’m not coming off as whiny. Just some things that have been weighing on my mind lately. 


Tonight I had French toast for dinner. I wish that pregnancy made me crave things that were good for me and the baby! Things that were green or fruity or full of protein. But no, I want pizza, brownies, cinnamon rolls, pringles, burgers, ice cream cake and the like. The one good thing is that Chinese makes me want to gag. The smell or site of it makes me run from the room. Inconveniently chicken also makes me pukey, unless it’s the fried kind.

I get nervous when friends ask to make dinner plans because most of the time I have no idea what I’ll be able to eat until about 10 minutes before I eat it!

Judge if you will, but I won’t deny it, it’s been kind of nice to not worry about losing weight for the first time in a long time. Of course I don’t want to gain more than the recommended amount and I am keeping a watch on that, but for now the cravings are winning!

Dear Baby,

I’ve started reading tumblr again. I’m pretty excited that I was able to tell everyone about you because you are already the most important thing in my life. Reading again though, has reminded me that there are so many people, both men and women, with serious self-esteem issues. I used to be one of them. Thankfully your dad helped me out a lot with that. 

On that note, I really don’t want you to ever have those feelings. Yes, I want you to be healthy and active. But I never want you to look in the mirror and think you are too skinny, too tall, too short, too fat. Too much or too little of anything. I don’t want you to compare yourself to those crazy photo shopped models, athletes, or the most popular kid in your school. I don’t ever want you to think that you are anything but a perfect creature made completely from love. You are perfect because God has blessed us with your presence. You are perfect because you will be a good person. I will see to it that we raise you to be kind and caring, forgiving and strong. You will be beautiful inside and out. 

I will remind you of this as often as I possibly can. You might get sick of hearing it, but I just hope that some part of you will hear every word. Because, baby, I love you, and you are perfect. 




"If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito."
The Dalai Lama



The big news

I’m pregnant!

This little nugget is due January 14th, which puts me at 13 weeks and 2 days :) Some people wait 12 weeks to tell, some people wait until 14 (when you’re officially past the first trimester) but I had an appointment and ultrasound today and I honestly could not wait one second longer to share this with everyone!

So what have I been doing the last three months? Not a whole lot. We moved, we settled in, we found out I was pregnant, we cried happy tears, we traveled. I’ve been nauseous but not actually getting sick and I swear that there were days I was just wishing to pay homage to the toilet, but no dice. I’ve been getting headaches now and then, and my face is getting pimply which is a bit annoying. Mostly though, I’ve just been tired. Tired. Tired. TIRED. Get the gist? I would wake up and feel like I hadn’t gone to sleep the night before. I would do one little thing and want to pass out in whatever chair that happened to be closest to me. In the beginning I was really trying to keep up with the gym but eventually I gave in to the fatigue. 

However, now that the 1st trimester is nearing the end I am finally starting to feel more like myself again. I want to be as healthy as possible when he or she arrives so I will be making my way back to the gym. I’m going to take it easy and just see how it goes, but I’ve seen preggos that had to be about 6 months along doing spin class, so I’m going to woman up and get back to it. I’m so happy and thankful to myself that I had lost the weight before I got pregnant. I’ve put on a few pounds back, but I just could not have imagined getting pregnant at my height weight. I think I would have been the definition of misery. But now I am so happy to see that my belly is starting to round, knowing that I’m growing a baby in there. 

I’m sorry that I haven’t been around on here. Thank you to the few of you that sent messages checking up on me. I apologize for not writing back. I just didn’t know how to post on here without telling you all! I’ve always been so honest on this blog and I just couldn’t write anything while holding back the biggest thing that was going on in my life. Now that it’s out in the open I’ll be back, maybe not quite as much as I used to because I don’t think you want me spamming your dash with everything baby for the next 6 months, but I’ll be posting agin. I hope you’ll stick around because come February I’ll be back on the weight loss train again and I’ll need all my tumbloves. 

If you stuck with me through this novel, major kudos to you and please go have a drink since I can’t!

I’m coming back

with news. Long post coming up this afternoon. Promise!